Author Biography

Candida Lall Pugh, born in San Francisco, California, signed onto the Freedom Rides in 1961. That summer she traveled by train to Jackson, Mississippi, with her fellow Riders. She spent a month in maximum security at Parchman Farm. When she was released, she traveled to New Orleans and worked on desegregation projects there. The following summer, she traveled to North Carolina to help challenge Howard Johnson’s restaurants on the right-of-way that refused service to African American travelers.

She has worked as a free-lance editor, a marketing copywriter, and a theater reviewer and book reviewer for small presses from San Francisco to Toronto. She’s had essays published in the New York Times and Canada’s Globe & Mail, as well as in the San Francisco Bay Guardian and the East Bay Express.

Candida has a Masters in English literature from the University of California at Berkeley. She lives with her husband and her two German shepherds in Oakland, California.








*Homepage Photo Credits: Sign and Parchman are public domain; Freedom Riders assaulted during a sit-in protest (AP Photo); A Freedom Rider bus goes up in flames after a firebomb was tossed through a window near Anniston, Alabama, in May of 1961 (AP Photo/File).