Past Event Appearances/Participation

May 19, 2012, Spoke at Perfical Studio, Evanston, IL
April 24, 2012, Spoke at Caruso Jr. High School, Deerfield, IL
March 20, 2012, Spoke to Evanston Reading Group, Evanston, IL
March 12, 2012, Spoke at Asbury Street Reading Group, Evanston, IL
March 10, 2012, Spoke at Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center, Evanston, IL
Feb. 24, 2012, Spoke to Hakafa Congregation, Glencoe, IL
Feb. 16, 2012, Interviewed on Milwaukee’s “Morning Blend” television show
Feb. 16, 2012, Interviewed on Milwaukee Public Radio’s “Lake Effect”
Jan. 24, 2012, Interviewed on Sirius Radio Barry Lynn Show
Jan. 6, 2012, Spoke at Women’s Exchange, Wilmette, IL
Jan. 4, 2012, Interviewed on WVES-FM “Country Mornings with Ms. C.J. Cole”, Regional Virginia Radio
Dec. 7, 2011, Spoke at Martin Luther King, Jr., College Preparatory School, Chicago, IL
Dec. 5, 2011, Spoke to 5th grade at Edison Elementary, Skokie, IL
Nov. 16, 2011, Interviewed on WNAV-AM “Bill Lusby Show” Anapolis, MD
Nov. 10, 2011, Interviewed on WOJB-FM “Local Morning Edition with Eric Schubring”, Duluth, MN
Nov. 10, 2011, Interviewed on Sirius XM Radio “Cover to Cover”
Nov. 7, 2011, Interviewed on KCMN-AM “Morning Show with Tron Simpson”, Colorado Springs, CO
Nov. 6, 2011, Spoke to Congregation Soleil in Highland Park, IL
Nov. 2, 2011, Interviewed on KBEM-FM “Morning Show with Ed Jones” (Minneapolis)
Oct 31, 2011, Interviewed on Fox 14 WHBQ “Good Morning Memphis”, Memphis, TN
Oct. 31, 2011, Interviewed on WREG-TV “Live at 9”, Memphis, TN
Oct. 25, 2011, Spoke to Friendly Women of Evanston, IL
Oct. 22, 2011, Interviewed live at Heartland Café, Rogers Park, IL
Oct. 19, 2011, Interviewed on WHDH-TV “Urban Update”, Boston, MA
Oct. 18, 2011, Interviewed on Paradise Network “The Alvin August Show”, WCBQ-AM and WHNC-AM, Raleigh, NC
Oct. 11, 2011, Reading at Evanston, IL Main Library
Oct. 4, 2011, Reading at The Book Stall at Chestnut Court, Evanston, IL
Aug. 19, 2011, Interviewed on “Conversations Live”, blogtalk Radio
Jan. 4, 2011, Interviewed on WALR-FM “Business in the Black”, Atlanta, GA